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Our goal is to provide a fun home where Green Bay Packers fans can meet, share in the excitement of Packers football, and where they can experience all Packers traditions. Not just during the season, but year round. We strive to be more than just a fan club, that is way our charity efforts help those in need not only in our community but to those in the surrounding areas as well. We encourage family participation for all our acivities, in hopes of creating new friendships and to help buid up our Packers community in San Antonio. But most of all we want you to have fun as we watch and cheer on The Best Damn Team, The Green Bay Packers.

About Us


We are a family friendly group of Packer fans the like to have fun. Our group was founded to bring Packer fans and families together. We welcome everyone to come and watch all Packers games with us. We have created a family friendly environment at all our locations where everyone can feel welcomed and comfortable. We also contribute and give back to our city and surrounding communities with our charity work.



We are a group of friends that got together in 2009 to form the first and largest Packer fan club in San Antonio. The founding members all met years before at Fatso's Sports Bar and have been apart of each others lives ever since. We wanted a place of our own where we would be treated with respect and where we wouldn't have to deal with harassment from other fans. We wanted to create a exciting, fun, and family friendly Green Bay Packer Fan Club for everyone to enjoy. 

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